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Which International Curriculum is best?

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My expertise lies in initiating and improving schools, with a focus on various curricula including American, British, Canadian, and blended approaches. This breadth of experience has granted me valuable insights into evaluating and comparing curricula.

American & Cambridge curricula are the most widely adopted by overseas
schools, primarily due to parents’ aspirations for their children to attend
universities and potentially settle in these countries for a better future.

However, I have personally witnessed the limitations, gaps, and outdated methodologies associated with these popular curricula, which often rely on traditional lecture-style instruction, emphasizing memorization and test preparation, lacking a global perspective, real-world application, and individualized learning.

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This fails to meet the needs of all students, resulting in a one-size-fits-all approach.


The OSSD (Ontario Secondary School Diploma) is ranked #4* (top 15%) in the world, and the top curriculum in all G7 Nations. *(PISA)

It is globally recognized as the leader in differentiated learning and focuses in five key areas:

It’s grading system is based on assignments, projects, and continuous assessments, resulting in a more comprehensive and meaningful evaluation of student progress

The OSSD is the only International University Preparatory/Foundation Program

It provides students access to the best universities in Canada, the USA, Australia, the UK and other European countries; with a variety of scholarship opportunities.

The program specifically prepares students for university-level coursework abroad.(Many graduates of other curricula programs take the OSSD Grade 12 University Preparatory/Foundation Program.)

For almost 2 decades, I’ve had the privilege of acting as a School Director in over 12 countries in North America, Asia, the GCC / Middle East and Africa.  Prior to this I launched and ran my own Montessori style educational centre in Toronto, Canada.
I specialize in new school start-ups and school improvement projects. With diverse curriculum such as American, British, Canadian and blended.
As such, I have a good perspective when it comes to evaluating and comparing curricula.

The “most commercially popular” curricula for overseas schools are American & UK. From my experience, this is simply because parents are buying the “idea” or “dream” of their children attending university and perhaps eventually migrating to these countries for a “better life.” They see the flag of that specific country’s curricula and that is it.
Although it is true that the delivery of education (at the class room level) have universal truths, regardless of the curriculum, I have seen (first hand) the constraints, gaps and outdated methodologies and approaches with the most popular curricula (American and UK); that is based on the traditional lecture style instruction with a focus on memorization and preparation for tests. They have been criticized as a one-size-fits-all approach that does not satisfy the requirements of all students.
The current international standard is the Canadian, Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) program.
The OSSD curriculum is globally recognized as a leader in differentiated learning. It’s grading system is based on assignments, projects, and continuous assessments, resulting in a more comprehensive and meaningful evaluation of student progress.

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My Unique Delivery Model is Ministry of Education (Ontario) approved and by-passes the traditional accreditation process

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Program Benefits

Program Benefits

The OSSD school model I implement is approved by the Canadian government, and will allow you to easily be accepted by your local MOE (Ministry of Education)


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