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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) for K-12 School Owners

1. What is Canada Global Academy, and how can it benefit my school?

Canada Global Academy is an Ontario Ministry of Education-approved e-learning platform designed for international students and K-12 private schools. The benefits for your school include curriculum alignment, flexible scheduling, global accessibility, and unique educational experiences. This can help attract more students, increase tuition revenue, and enhance the overall quality of education.

2. How does Canada Global Academy support partner schools?

Canada Global Academy offers comprehensive support for partner schools, including resources, tools, assessments, and adaptable courses. These resources can help your school provide a high-quality education, improve teacher effectiveness, and streamline operations.

3. What is Canada Global Academy’s Ontario MOE Elementary Digital Learning Platform, and how can it benefit my school?

Canada Global Academy’s MOE Digital Learning Platform provide a comprehensive solution for schools. By adopting this model, one can implement Accredited Canadian International Schools world wide with cost-efficiency, increased tuition rates, and reduced staffing costs, which can lead to higher profitability and better educational outcomes. Students are also registered as Canadian students with the Ontario Ministry of Education, which exponentially opens up a world of opportunities.

4. Why is Canada an attractive destination for international students?

Canada is currently the number one destination for post secondary school students world wide. This year alone, close to a million students globally are attending school,in Canada. Canada is known for its global education excellence, safe and inclusive environment, and diverse culture. This makes it an appealing choice for international students, which can translate to a larger pool of potential students for your school.

5. How does Ontario Ministry of Education’s curriculum benefit my school?

Ontario’s curriculum focuses on differentiation and skills development, ensuring that students acquire the knowledge and skills they need for the 21st century. It is is recognized worldwide as the leader in differentiated learning, and is ranked #4 internationally & top 15% in the world (PISA). This can help your school offer a competitive and high-quality education to students from around the world.

6. Can you explain the Flipped Classroom / Blended Learning Approach the program follows?

Flipped Classroom Learning: Flipped learning reimagines traditional education by having students access course materials online before in-person classes. This approach encourages self-paced learning and fosters interactive in-class activities. It transforms the learning experience by shifting content consumption outside the classroom, making class time more engaging and practical.

Blended Learning: The blended learning approach combines traditional classroom teaching with online education. It allows for personalized learning, caters to different learning styles, focuses on real-world skills, and offers flexibility. By incorporating this approach, your school can adapt to the needs and preferences of your students, making it an attractive option for parents and students.

7. How can I get started with Canada Global Academy?

To get started with Canada Global Academy, you can us by [provide contact information]. We will guide you through the onboarding process and help you explore how our solutions can benefit your school.

8. Is there any support for marketing and promoting my school through this program?

Yes! Canada Global Academy offers either a full franchise model or a student subscription model. The most preferable option is the franchise model, as it provides initial setup & on-going support, grants the rights to use Canada Global Academy’s established brand & award winning, accredited MOE Digital Learning Platform, semi-exclusive territory, ongoing marketing support and resources to help you promote your school to a global audience. We can also assist you with marketing strategies, content creation, and digital promotion to attract more students.

9. What kind of results can I expect from partnering with Canada Global Academy and Ethos Education?

Partnering with us can lead to increased student enrollment, improved academic quality, and enhanced profitability. We work closely with you to achieve your school’s goals and ensure that you see a significant return on investment.

10. Can my school integrate the Accredited Canada Global Academy program as a Dual Degree Program for International University Preparation?

Yes, the Accredited Canada Global Academy program a can be seamlessly integrated into your school’s curriculum as a Dual Degree Program for International University Preparation. This allows your students to earn dual degrees, preparing them for both high school graduation and university entrance. Our platforms offer a wide range of courses and resources tailored to university preparation, enabling your school to provide a holistic educational experience.

11. Are there any fees associated with adding the Dual Degree Program for International University Preparation?

Fees may vary based on your school’s specific requirements and the number of students participating. We will work with you to provide a detailed breakdown of costs and help you find a solution that aligns with your budget and academic goals.


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