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Implement faster at lower cost with impressive results & far higher student achievement


Martin with Canadian High Commissioner (Jamie Christoff) in Nigeria

Repeatable and consistent results


Cutting-edge “plug and play” model Revolutionizes Teaching and Learning

Approved by the Canadian, Ontario Ministry of Education, this Unique Delivery Model operates by-passes the traditional accreditation process

All students are registered as Canadian students
Report cards issued by the Canadian, Ontario Ministry of Education
An approved "plug and play" digital platform offering course content assessments, collaboration, interactive tools, metrics, and more
Student Visa Fast Track acceptance internationally
Access to International scholarships & funding
Graduate Students in Canada receive Permanent Residence / Passport

Revolutionizing Education via Disruptive Technology

Experience Cutting-Edge ‘Plug-and-Play’ Technology Revolutionizing Education

Embrace an Accredited Canadian International School Program

Eliminate Unnecessary Barriers and Costs of Traditional Accreditation

A Scalable Solution for Schools of all Magnitudes!

Canadian Accredited School Franchise Program

Efficiency, Scalability, Savings, Increased Revenue

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  • Increase Student Tuition Rates: Offer an unparalleled educational experience that attracts discerning parents and students, allowing you to raise tuition rates.
  • Reduce Educational Staffing Costs: Utilize local academic staff, eliminating the need for Western certified teachers and reducing staffing expenses
  • Scalable & Streamlined School Operations: Implement a scalable system that streamlines school operations, enabling seamless expansion

Review my recent article in the acclaimed Digital First Magazine Revolutionizing Education Through Disruptive Technology

The Canadian Education Advantage

  • Leads Globally: Canada tops G7 in education (3rd globally), with Ontario Curriculum at #4 globally and top 15% in PISA.
  • Globally Accepted: Canadian high school grads are globally accepted at top universities
  • Global Talent: Canadian-educated Graduates are highly sought after by employers worldwide, contributing to canada’s reputation for producing top talent.
  • Fastest Growing: Canada, is the fastest-growing international education hub, with 20% per year growth in new global students.

Learn about our Accredited Canadian School Franchise Program

Leading the World

It’s grading system is based on assignments, projects, and continuous assessments, resulting in a more comprehensive and meaningful evaluation of student progress.
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Empowering Students Globally

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World Class Education


Add a Dual Diploma program

to existing K12 / College Prep schools


Position yourself as a top-tier Canadian Ivy League Institution


Curriculum & Accreditation

Choosing the right curriculum and accreditation is a critical aspect of building a successful school. I can help you select a curriculum that aligns with your school’s vision and mission, while also ensuring that it meets the standards of accreditation agencies. My experience in this area can help you select the right accreditation body for your school, and navigate the complex process of accreditation.

Why the Ontario curriculum program is my personal recommendation


Guaranteed Results

“With my expertise in all aspects of launching and building a new school, you can trust that your school is destined for success. Let’s collaborate to craft a world-class institution that not only educates but also inspires and empowers the next generation of leaders!”

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Join us in Empowering Students Globally through this Word Class Education program

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Global / Canada


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